Engenho & Obra - Associação para o Desenvolvimento e Cooperação, ONGD



Entidade Formadora Certificada

E&O has specific departments, that guide their action to develop concrete activities and initiatives to achieve, in a sustainable way, programs and projects to accomplish the mission of the institution, in the following areas: organization, communication, training, projects , partnerships, knowledge production and participation in seminars, congresses, conferences and various events.
  • Support to the National Board and President
  • Communication and events ´organization
  • Newsletter
  • Design and application of local, national and international development national projects and / or international Cooperation for Development, in partnership with local stakeholders, HEI, local authorities, enterprises, NGOs
  • Identify and share national/ international opportunities of new applications
  • Main issues
    • "Global Citizenship"
    • "Water" (potability, distribution grids to squatters, wastewater drainage, Drainage and Irrigation, Desalination, Environment, Geotechnical, Aquaculture / Fish Farming
      "Renewable Energies" (Solar Panels, Solar Ovens, Power Distribution, biogas)
    • "Food Safety" (Nutrition, Sustainable Agriculture, Forestation / Reforestation, Public Health).
  • Certified organization by DGERT, Direção-Geral do Emprego e das Relações de Trabalho (a national organization attached to the Portuguese Ministry of Labour and Employment) since 2007, organizes indoor and outdoor training activities and courses (see Services We Offer, indicating the certificate courses)